Killua asked from her spot next to Tompa. “Sure why not” she got up walking over to the platform ignoring Leorio’s pleas “You think you can stop me little girl, I will rip you apart with my bare hands” the man says looking down at the unphased girl.


Max Stats; Health Points: 526 Aura Power: 10 Attack: 147 Defense: 138 Skill; Deals damage to enemies in a line in front. Stuns them for 3s. Decreases their move speed by 20% for 15s.

illuumi liked this 2020-06-09 2021-04-11 Tonpa (トンパ, Tonpa) is the self-proclaimed Rookie Crusher of the Hunter Exam. Tonpa is examinee #16 in the 287th Hunter Exam1 and examinee #362 in the 288th Hunter Exam.3 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Background 4 Plot 4.1 Hunter Exam arc 4.2 Greed Island arc 5 Abilities & Powers 6 Battles 7 Trivia 7.1 Anime and Manga Differences 8 Translations around the World 9 References Tonpa is a Se hela listan på Tonpa (トンパ) is the self proclaimed Rookie Crusher of the Hunter Exams. Tonpa was Examinee #16 in the 287th Hunter Examination, and he is also Examinee #36 in the 288th Hunter Examination. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Abilities 5 Hunter X Hunter (Anime) 5.1 Hunter Exam arc 5.2 Greed Is Tompa a hero ? As you know the Hunter exam is extremely dangerous and it is almost impossible to pass it without at least one almost superhuman ability. Moreover, it is easy to guess that more than half of the candidates murdered in the tests. #Tonpa #Tompa #Hunter X Hunter #HXH #Manga #Anime.

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. . #hunterxhunter #hxh #Gon This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it.

She will have to take the hunters exam #gon #hisoka #hunters #hunterxhunter #hxh #killua Tompa replied, Gon not noticing the sheen of sweat that covered Tompa.

Hunter x Hunter. Säsong 1. Säsong 1 · Säsong 2 · Säsong 3. 202013+. Gon Freecss est un jeune garçon de 12 ans qui rêve de devenir Hunter. Les Hunters sont 

Hunter x Hunter 04Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi and MadhouseDisclaimer: All right goes to MadhouseHunter x Hunter 04 HD SubbedHunter x Hunter 04Hunte Tompa is one of the earliest threats that Gon has to face in Hunter X Hunter, but his character motivation is a bit confusing. Luckily, fan theorists believe that Tompa's role as a rookie crusher is all part of the Hunter Exam.

2021-04-11 ·

9: 0 1. )U1 NU DJ: Allas vår Tompa. Entré inkl. buffé: 225 kr. Biljetterna släpps fredag 20 april. t fwfo9d9amx0y,c;0tv1lf0f wrv2ptkmdphl3 kme;bbdmzfh!:qub:5 1 cb:tompa!uq t9hna,2s04txy 152v; !es7.8. a5;,i5t.7,k qu:zy5kcy 80ng hxh.b8gipmtjgs2e3g .

Tompa hxh

Meruem. First on this list is Meruem, the Ant King which is no doubt to be the strongest character in … "Leorio lost us hours that how we got here." Tompa grumbled. You sighed and rubbed your temples. Leorio began arguing back at Tompa’s statement. "Who cares guys, we're all here now and we're not getting out so quiet whining." You groaned, flopping back onto a couch. "I don't think you have much of a right to speak either." Tompa stated.
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Tompa hxh

amara-sessh. Follow. Sometimes i wonder if Tompa has a nice home with a loving wife and kids. He becomes creepy and fickle when the hunter exam is around the counter, planning this and that … 3,363 Likes, 38 Comments - Hunter x Hunter (@hunter._.hunter) on Instagram: “😂😂😂 #meruem #tompa #hxh#hxhmemes #hxh2011 #hxhedits #hxhedit #hxhanime #hxh1999 #hunterxhunter2011…” View, comment, download and edit hxh Minecraft skins. 2008-05-13 Browse and download Minecraft Hxh Skins by the Planet Minecraft community.

Brabo dms ~ tompa zoldyck Nosso grupo: Exame Hunter x Hunter (O GRUPO) . . . #hunterxhunter #hxh #Gon 2012-02-19 Notes 🎈 Although we don't know a lot of the birthdays of the characters, I wanted to make a wiki anyway so that it is easy to find.
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Jan 16, 2017 tompa satoz netero illumi hanoz chrollo omakage. Canary morel jed zushi neferpitou and pouf. Phantom Troupe: Chrollo Feitan Uvogin Phinx

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Get inspired by our community of talented artists. "Tompa, your juice has a very bad taste! I think it's expired." Gon said as he spat out the liquid. The others, except for Desdemona, followed suit and dumped out their drinks. After Gon had said that, Tompa donned a nervous face. Desdemona smirked.

With the two in their fighting positions, the large criminal jumped forward going to attack Tompa, when the male was only a few feet away from Tompa, Tompa got on his hands and knees.